Help us save and restore the historic Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, Illinois.

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Current Lorraine Theatre Restoration Project

The Lorraine Foundation has teamed up with Free Sky Studios to begin the process of mapping the Lorraine’s interior art deco designs. Many don’t remember how intricate the theatre’s sound panel designs actually are. Over the years they have become faded, damaged by moisture, and hidden by dim light conditions. These hand painted patterns help make the Lorraine the truly magnificent and unique theatre that it is. It’s important to us no details are lost during restoration. We are confident Troy Freeman with Free Sky Studios will provide us with the detailed documentation needed so when the time comes to repaint the designs, it’ll be done perfectly. This is just phase one, once mapping is completed the unfortunate but necessary work of removing all the sound panels and curtains will begin. Once removed we can start moving forward by cleaning and resealing the interior of the building and prep for installation of new panels and curtains as funding allows.

Click here to see the current renovation pictures!

PRIVATE PARTIES: The Little Lorraine is still available for private party rentals during this time. Rent the LL for your next birthday party, shower, meeting, the possibilities are endless! Only $150 per rental period, and free popcorn during your party. With a capacity of 48 people, that’s just $3.12 per person! Contact us for more details.

Donations are now being accepted ONLINE!

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Rent the Little Lorraine!

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